Salty delights at La Libertad fish market

Sea food and fish lovers – the place of your joy is situated just three kilometers away from Mandala Eco Villas. The local fish market in La Libertad Harbor offers interest insights in the culture and specialties of El Salvador´s coastline.  It`s a bustling melting pot of fisherman, market-women, tourists and local, salvadorean customers. You can get everything you imagine, from shrimps to lobster and big red snapper fishes.

I`ve already been a few times to the market to have a delicious ceviche and just roam around to see the strange sea creatures caught by the fishermen. Today, I came to accompany Mandala’s chef Noel at his business mission: get the best fish for our kitchen! That`s how I learned that buying fish is not that simple: color of gills, texture of body and eye clarity are criteria one has to evaluate thoroughly.


Market-women Rosita, Mandala´s fixed vendor, explains to me that the market has changed a lot since she started to work there 23 years ago: „The fishermen came back with lots of fish. Nowadays, everything is more expensive because the captures are smaller.“

After filling up the cooler with the most various seafood, we went to the landing stages outside the market and I wondered what we would do there. „We’re looking for a culinary specialty: Black tuna“, answered Noel and told me about the sad fact that black tuna in El Salvador is mainly used as bait, as people don`t know how to prepare it. At Mandala seafood restaurant, Tunatar, prepared with sesame and avocado, is one of the most ordered dishes. Visit us to try a variety of seafood and don`t loose the opportunity to visit La Libertad fish market!



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