Surfing the hidden treasures of El Sal’s coastline

Can you imagine something better than waking up with the sound of the ocean at one of our Villas? After a delicious and healthy breakfast at Mandala’s beachfront terrace, overlooking precious Cocal beach right in front of you, you’ll be sure that you never felt that close to the ocean… really? Then I have a suggestion for you that may change your live:  take a surfboard, gather some courage and start to discover the sea in front of you by a personal way: Surfing!

A constant practice of this sport results in obvious physical benefits like cardiovascular fitness from paddling, shoulder and back as well as core and leg strentgh. But it’s a lot more than that: according to an article in the Telegraph, doctors in the french seaside town of Biarritz recognized the positive effects of surfing on health and started to prescribe surf courses to replace medicine. “The waves that break in the water or on the sand break molecules that liberate negative ions. They improve the oxygenation of tissue, your mood, tone, quality of sleep and concentration,“ says doctor Guillaume Barucq and adds „Exposure to the sun helps create vitamin D, which can ward against cancer and Diabetes“

El Salvador’s 307 km of coastline are blessed with several world class surf peaks and beaches for all levels. So why not start today? Cocal beach in front of Mandala Eco Villas is one of the hidden treasures of El Salvador’s surf spots. The rocky access to the peak makes it more appropriate for advanced surfers. Beginners of the sport, in El Salvador called “boyas“ (in english buoy), may try out the nearby beachbreak of San Blas to make their first attempts standing up on the board. And good Surfers can head to El Sal´s world class break Punta Roca, which is just about 2 minutes by car from Mandala Eco Villas.


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